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Rural Municipality of Dauphin
Box 574 Highway 20A East
Dauphin, MB
R7N 2V4
Phone: (204) 638-4531
Fax: (204) 638-7598
E-Mail: rmofdphn@mymts.net
Website: www.dauphin.ca
Reeve: Dennis Forbes
CAO: Laura Murray

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Arriving from the west, the Rural Municipality of Dauphin unfolds from a transition of productive farmland to a busy urban region.  A growing industrial area is buffered by trees and River from the centrally located business area heralds beyond the shoreline of Dauphin Lake in the east. The presence of grain elevators reflect the agricultural business base, which has assured the Dauphin Valley a diversified economy in grain growing, specialty crops, livestock breeding, commercial gardening, honey producing, dairy and poultry raising.


Francois de la Verendrye discovered Lake Dauphin in 1739, naming it after the heir to the throne in France (the “Dauphin”).  Francois explored the surrounding region and established Fort Dauphin.  The proliferation of fur traders and the construction of the Hudson Bay Trading Post in the 1800’s, helped spread word about the fertile land surrounding the lake. With visions of wealth and freedom, the first frontier settlers of Scottish and English descent moved to the valley.  Sawmills, flour mills and trading posts sprang up along the Vermillion River, Wilson River and the mouth of the Valley River. With the opening up of the heart of the region, population virtually poured in.  Although the region was first settled by people of Irish and Scottish descent, immigrants soon arrived from England, Germany, Central Europe and the Ukraine.  Dauphin quickly emerged as the main trading centre in central western Manitoba.  Dauphin was incorporated as a Village in 1898 and as a Town on November 21, 1901 and now as a city it currently serves a trading area of over 42,500.

Economic Base

The City of Dauphin serves as an agricultural service centre for much of the surrounding area. Much of the local economy is agriculturally driven, with producers growing everything from grains, oilseeds and livestock to honey bees and industrial hemp. The RM of Dauphin’s trading area of over 40,000 people also supports a strong retail and wholesale industry. The City of Dauphin is the hub of the 25,000 square kilometre Parkland Region, it has an active Chamber of Commerce and many new and expanding shops are introducing a more diversified and specialized range of products to local consumers. Dauphin has a strong manufacturing and processing industry that supplies products locally, nationally and internationally. The regional airport is located just south of the City of Dauphin and is serviced twice daily with Perimeter Airlines to Winnipeg and Brandon.  Westjet now services Brandon and there is a shuttle service to assist travelers.

Major Attractions

The region surrounding the RM of Dauphin is the Duck Mountain Provincial Park in the west and the beautiful Riding Mountain National Park on the south. Hunting and fishing are very popular in the RM of Dauphin.  The provincial and national parks provide numerous recreational and sporting opportunities.  Keld Park along the Riding Mountain is the entrance to one of the original settlement trails into the region. Dauphin’s environmental assets are second to none in Manitoba.  With the beautiful Riding Mountain escarpment forming an impressive backdrop and an island of trees amidst the checkerboard countryside compliment well kept residential sections.

Facilities—Recreation, Parks, Culture

The Rural Municipality of Dauphin and the City of Dauphin play host to the annual Canadian Ukrainian Festival and Countryfest at the amphitheater constructed into the foothills of the Riding Mountain.  The Parkland Recreation Place attracts a number of provincial and national events.  There is something to offer everyone! A strong economic base, many amenities and facilities and an exceptional quality of life makes this region a prime destination for business, pleasure or a beautiful place to live.

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