RM and Village of Ethelbert

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Municipality of Ethelbert
Box 115
56-2nd Avenue
Ethelbert, MB R0L 0T0
Phone: (204) 742-3212
Fax: (204) 742-3642
E-Mail:  rmethelbert@inetlink.ca
Head of Council: Art Potoroka
CAO: Loretta Woytkiewicz

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The Rural Municipality of Ethelbert is located in the heart of Manitoba’s Parkland Region. Ethelbert is approximately 370 kilometres northwest of Manitoba’s capital city,Winnipeg.  The municipality is also located approximately 60 kilometres northwest of the City of Dauphin and 115 kilometres south of the Town of Swan River.

The municipality’s largest centre is the Village of Ethelbert, which has a friendly community of 364 residents.  The communities of Ukraina, Mink Creek, Rhodes and Garland are other significant communities in Ethelbert.  The municipality is easily accessible by Provincial Trunk Highway #10, a major trucking route in the Parkland Region.

The region surrounding Ethelbert has long been regarded as a rich and abundant hunting and fishing playground.  Just southeast of the Duck Mountains Provincial Park and north of Riding Mountain National Park, Ethelbert is surrounded by a plethora of lakes, beaches and recreational facilities.  The scenic Duck Mountain Provincial Park has excellent hunting, fishing, camping and natural scenery for the avid nature lover.


The area around Ethelbert is one of the more beautiful and scenic places in the province. The rolling hills blanketed in birch and poplar forests, offers many opportunities for outdoor adventure and recreational activity to the serious sportsmen and weekend warrior alike.

Ethelbert was officially incorporated as a municipality in 1905, yet settlers and trappers have been in the area long before this. Ethelbert’s growth as a service area to the surrounding farmlands, increased after the CN rail line expanded through the Village of Ethelbert at the turn of the century.  The Village itself was officially incorporated as a village in 1950.

Economic Base

Ethelbert’s industry revolves around agriculture and logging. Much of the surrounding area is perfectly suited to cattle and livestock production, with many cow/calf operations in the immediate area.  Other local producers breed a small number of horses, while some farms have diversified into other types of exotic livestock.  Grain farming makes up a large part of the local economic activity, while many producers grow forages and hay to support local livestock operations.  The community has a large service sector providing local producers with inputs and supplies.  The municipality features a diverse range of cereal crops and livestock operations such as cattle and hog.  Farmers grow such crop such as; cereals, canola, buckwheat, industrial hemp, flax and exotic grains such as alfalfa, borage and timothy hay.  Most livestock producers have herds of approximately 40-150 heads. The region also features a hog-fallowing barn with a capacity of 650 sows.  With its proximity to the Duck Mountains Provincial Forest and private woodlots, logging companies are prominent in the municipality.

Other local industries include berry and honey production, trucking, forestry and lumber and pulp production.  Trapping and outfitting services, along with a wide range of commercial and home-based business, flourish in Ethelbert.  A well-defined tourism industry, with easy access to Duck Mountain Provincial Park and other area attractions, also boosts the local economy.

Companies such as Harv’s Logging, Stratuliak Logging and Garland Valley Contracting offer diverse services such as falling and skidding of many different types of woods. Trucking companies such as Balanyk Trucking, Berezowksi Trucking and Max Dudar trucking, are predominant in the area transporting a diverse range of agricultural and logging products.

The municipality has much to offer new families. The Village has a K to 12 school and fire protection.  Many churches and organizations keep residents busy. The municipality also has a well-maintained housing stock, a retirement home and seniors program.

Major Attractions

The Beautiful Duck Mountain Provincial Park calls all nature lovers!  With rich hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, trails and recreational activities to be experienced, all visitors to Ethelbert will find the Provincial Park irresistible to visit.  The grand opening of The Ethelbert and District Museum in July 1999 features a rich collection of many local artifacts and also features a beautiful gift shop.  Open during the summer months, the museum is something not to miss.

With its curling club, many baseball diamonds and other sporting facilities, the residents of Ethelbert have a wide variety of recreational activities to keep them busy all throughout the year.

The Village of Ethelbert is a tight-knit community, where everyone is considered a neighbour.  Local events include a number of recreational sporting competitions, including men’s and women’s mixed curling bonspiels.  Numerous social events throughout the year draw the community together for fun and conversation.

Facilities—Recreation, Parks, Culture

While in the municipality, the warm residents of Ethelbert invite you to participate in many of their fun activities such as curling bonspiels, 4-H Achievement Awards, the  Harvest dance and celebrations of the rich Ukrainian heritage comes alive with Vitriwka’s Dance and Choral Ensemble and the Traditional Malanka (Ukrainian New Years).  With its many other numerous church activities and celebrations, the friendly residents of Ethelbert welcome you into their community!

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