RM and Town of Grandview

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Municipality of Grandview
Box 219
531 Main Street
Grandview, MB R0L 0Y0
Phone: (204) 546-5250
Fax: (204) 546-5269
E-Mail:  grandviewcao@mymts.net
Website: www.grandviewmanitoba.com
Head of Council: Lyle Morran
CAO: Sharon Dalgeish

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The Town of Grandview and surrounding RM lies in a scenic valley between the Riding Mountain National Park to the south, Duck Mountain Provincial Park to the north and Assissippi Provincial Park to the west. The town is located in Manitoba’s Parkland Region, 360 kilometres northwest of the provincial capital,Winnipeg. The area was originally settled in 1890 and the town was officially incorporated in 1905. At the time, Grandview was only the fourth community in Manitoba to install a piped water system for public use.


It is not known who was responsible for naming the Town of Grandview, but according to most accounts, someone is said to have stood looking west of town towards the Duck Mountains and exclaimed “What a grand view!” The only point on which these stories agree, is that it was indeed a grand view. The name was originally written as Grand View, but over the years was simplified to Grandview.

The “Grand view” area was officially established October 2, 1900, as this was the day that the first surveyed lots were up for sale. Thus, Grandview was founded with a population of about 250 persons. That same fall in September, the first Canadian Northern Railway train arrived and shortly thereafter, the first station agent, Mr. A.J. McKellar.

The actual Village of Grandview was formed on December 1st, 1906 under letters patent approved by the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba. The town was declared in 1906.

Economic Base

The RM’s terrain varies from prairie to boreal forest and lakeland, forming a unique environment that accommodates a rich agricultural sector and numerous outdoor pursuits that include: cereal grains, oil seed crops, a cattle industry, an abundance of wildlife, fishing, hunting and other recreational activities.

Grandview serves a large number of local farmers with businesses that supply seed, chemicals and fertilizers, as well as, an array of different services and equipment. Major crops grown in the area include all types of cereal grain and oilseeds, as well as, a small amount of specialty crops. The area is also home to a steadily growing cattle industry, as many producers diversify.

Nestled between two of the bigger parks in the province, the Grandview area also benefits greatly from the tourist activity.

A hotel, a motel and restaurants in town provide food and lodging for the sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who come to enjoy all Grandview has to offer.

Residents of the surrounding communities count on Grandview businesses as a source of retail and shopping goods. Another major industry in the Grandview area is logging. The forested areas of Duck Mountain provide jobs to many in the Grandview area. This primary industry gives rise to numerous other businesses such as trucking, sorting and processing.

Major Attractions

The forested areas and lakelands around Grandview provide an abundance of activity for both residents and visitors. There are many recreational activities to take part in such as fishing, hunting, boating, swimming or just enjoying the wildlife on a leisurely stroll. Grandview has a swimming pool in town and a scenic and challenging 18-hole golf course to play only nine kilometres from town. During the winter, the area is alive with the sounds of cross-country skiers, skaters on the outdoor rink and snowmobiles on the many kilometres of groomed trails in the area. Grandview also has many organized sports and recreational programs for children and adults alike.

Facilities—Recreation, Parks, Culture

Wilson Centennial Campground, a baseball park with three diamonds, a swimming pool, a tennis court and a skating rink and curling rink, all provide for a wide variety of activities in Grandview.

The Watson Crossley Community Museum is a must to see for all visitors! The areas’ history has been preserved here with displays that include a pioneer log house, pioneer artefacts, school, church and steam traction engine. There is much more to be seen at the museum, so please drop in and visit when you are in town!



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