Who We Are

Mayors and Reeves from the municipalities in the largest trade corridor and commuter shed in the Parkland region came together and incorporated the PARC organization as an economic development co-op in November 2001, which seemingly reflects the cooperative spirit of working together. Farm producer representatives are appointed annually from the region who represent the agricultural diversity. The relationship provides a close connection for municipalities to share other issues and concerns and how they can work more closely together.

Through the efforts of PARC, there are 4 municipalities that have pooled their resources to work together as one region.  “We have recognized that we must work together and share our resources to accomplish what we could not do individually.  Businesses look to what the region has to provide and we must cooperate together,” said Dennis Forbes, Reeve of the RM of Dauphin.

Leveraging the Regions Resources

Although there are many local needs, the community’s leaders have directed PARC to focus on building capacity for industry development and not municipal boundaries. PARC members are prepared to initiate and develop opportunities for capital investment and processing, regardless where the business decides to locate within the member communities.


Family farm zero-till seeding.

Member Municipalities

  • Rural Municipality of Dauphin
  • Municipality of Ethelbert
  • Municipality of Gilbert Plains
  • Municipality of Grandview

Parkland Agricultural Resource Co-op, Box 759, Grandview, MB Canada, R0L 0Y0

Phone: 204-546-2915    Fax: 204-546-2909    Email:parc@mts.net