Board of Directors

Name Municipality Represented
Dennis Forbes Reeve, RM of Dauphin, Chairman
Lyle Morran Mayor, Municipality of Grandview
Blake Price Reeve, Municipality of Gilbert Plains
Art Potoroka Reeve, Municipality of Ethelbert
Rod Fisher Citizen Representative, Municipality of Dauphin
Murray Stoughton Citizen Representative, Municipality of Gilbert Plains
Jennifer Carniel Citizen Representative, Municipality of Grandview
Recently Vacant Citizen Representative, Municipality of Ethelbert

There are 8 board of directors including Mayors, Reeves and citizen representatives from the 4 member municipalities.  The 4 citizen representatives are appointed annually by their respective municipal councils.  Members of the Executive are elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in November each year.

Parkland Agricultural Resource Co-op, Box 759, Grandview, MB Canada, R0L 0Y0

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