Vision, Mandate, Goals


Working Together

Parkland as a strong and vibrant region of unified rural communities with a sustainable regional economy, employing the skills of its workforce to build on the local wealth of agriculture, natural resources and business opportunities.


Municipalities working together to promote sustainable economic and social development by fostering and supporting emerging economic opportunities that build on the agricultural, natural, business and human resources available in the region.


To collaborate with all regional partners in fostering and coordinating economic development initiatives that contributes to the sustainable economic and social vitality of the member municipalities and the Parkland region.

Goals & Objectives

  • PARC will sponsor, support, and collaborate with social and economic development initiatives directed at creating a climate for successful business development in the region.
  • PARC will act as a catalyst for renewal, mobilizing all Parkland municipalities, First Nations people, and communities to contribute to the revitalization of the economic and social foundation of our region.
  • PARC will enhance communication with all regional partners and foster a spirit of co-operation among all organizations seeking to promote the economic and social advancement of the Parkland region.

Commitments to the Community

  • PARC will strive to advance the economic and social development of the entire Parkland Region and seek to have new opportunities benefit all communities in an equitable manner.
  • PARC will communicate and share information and resources with all partners and players in the Parkland Region.
  • PARC will show leadership through collaboration and co-operation with all entities in the region pursuing economic and social development of Parkland.

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