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Location Assistance – How can we help you?


Local leadership contacts 
We are well-connected with the heads of council, municipal councils, senior municipal staff and regional business leaders who are eager to create new jobs and support a positive business environment.
Site selection
We can help connect you with real estate professionals in the region and help to identify land and building options that are not on databases. Together with our infrastructure partners, we have already identified a number of suitable properties across the region for commercial, industrial and residential use.  There are also many serviced rural farm yards that could be ideal for a business, depending on the service required.
Permitting, licensing and zoning
We have predetermined the permitting, licensing and other business requirements necessary to develop your business – in fact we have already pre-qualified nearly 800 businesses across our 5 amalgamated municipalities for municipal, provincial and federal requirements. The BizPaL computer wizard can walk you through all your requirements within minutes and tell you department contacts, prerequisites, costs, time delays and in most cases the application.  As well, we maintain information about zoning requirements and can fast-track you to a network of people who are interested in helping your business succeed.
Community & demographic information
We have just completed a major project that assisted to identify information about the regions population, economy, cost of living, taxes and services.  We maintain statistical data on the member communities, the 14 surrounding municipalities and the greater Parkland region.
Market intelligence
We have an established network of businesses across the region who share our interest to help with business development.  We already have a farm producer investment group established to work with a business to secure commodities for processing.
We can assist with identifying your business potential for incentives and work with the municipality to put together an incentive package that meets your needs.
Employment & training programs
We can help connect your business to local, provincial and federal training and employment programs.  We can help you learn more about the local labour force and explore your options.

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