Business Opportunities

Canmark Family Farming

Value-Added Processing

There is an abundance of local resources to provide many processing and manufacturing opportunities that support the agricultural industry.

Pricing commodities adjacent to the source provides flexibility for shipment to markets in all directions, rather than pricing at a single destination or trans-shipment point.  As well, a processor can contract with a local farmer in a relevant currency without needing to hedge currency fluctuations. There are a number of financial and hedging advantages to consider in terms of raw product pricing and securing a reliable source of feedstock.  Local commodities will be at very attractive prices relative to export market prices.

In consultation with the regional business community there were a number of business opportunities identified.  We can help you identify your business potential.

  • Wheat Milling
  • Barley
  • Industrial Hemp Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Vegetable Production
  • Specialty Oil Processor
  • Meat Processing
  • Manure Fertilizer Processing
  • Intensive Livestock Operation (ILO)
  • Wood Pelleting
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Aquaculture
  • Equipment Manufacturing (OEM and component)
  • Ranching, Feedlot & Grazing
  • Industry support services such as;
    • Technology Sales & Service (radio, cell and other electronic equipment)
    • Custom Farm Services
    • Skilled Agricultural Workers & Tradespeople


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