There are four distinctive seasonal changes that contribute to the quality of life and provide for year round business opportunities. Each community holds a number of family oriented events through out the year that are suitable for casual or active lifestyles. Thousands of visitors are attracted to the recreational lifestyle that is experienced with the prairie mountains, lakes, trails and modern conveniences.  The average temperature in the summer is around +25.3°C to + 35°C in July with an average rain fall of 356.9 mm or 14.3 inches.  The winter temperatures are between  -12.0°C to -23.4°C with an average snowfall of 138.8 cm or 69.8 inches.

Climate for Agriculture

Manitoba Ag-Weather Program consists of weather towers installed in agricultural communities across Manitoba by the Department of Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives.  Permanent real-time weather stations have been installed in rural areas of Dauphin, Ethelbert and Grandview.  Each station is currently equipped to measure air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed/direction and soil temperature during the growing season.  Reports can be accessed at

These parameters provide an indication of length of growing season and the moisture and heat energy available for crop growth.



  Average PARC Region
Mean Annual Temperature 22 to 23/C
Mean Annual Precipitation 476 to 499 mm
Average Frost-Free Period 90 to 112 days
Degree Days Above 5/C 1450 to 1500 days
Seasonal Moisture Deficit (May to Sep) <200 to 250 mm
Corn Heat Units 3748.9 to 4391.8
Effective Growing Degree DaysAbove 5/C (Seeding to 1st Fall Frost) 2264.5 to 2601.6











Cereal crop production is more stable in the Parkland than in southern Manitoba because the periods of heat stress tend to be shorter and less severe.  Parkland straw production is also higher than other areas of the Canadian Prairies with an average of wheat straw producing 1.4 tonnes per acre in comparison to only 1 tonne per acre.

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