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The community members of PARC are working together to develop a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) strategy by evaluating the natural trade corridor.  The formation of the surrounding mountains creates a natural corridor for the movement of resources and commodities in and out of the region.

The PARC region is ideally suited to several major corridor systems that are expanding their interest in Manitoba, including the Arctic Gateway at the Port of Churchill (Canada’s only deep-sea Arctic port and the only prairie port), the Mid-Continental Trade Corridor (to the United States), Centre Port (inland port) and the Bakken oil development in southwestern Manitoba.


The PARC municipalities are well connected with the region and are strategically positioned as the gateway to northern Manitoba with two of the three available highways located in the PARC region.  The PTH# 83 on the west of the Duck Mountain and PTH# 10 on the east of the Duck Mountain provide reliable year round service to and from northern Manitoba.  The PTH# 5 is an interprovincial trade route for the movement of goods between Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  All PTH# 5, 10 and 83 are provincially designated RTAC (Roads & Transportation Assoc of Canada) highways for commercial weighted trucks year-round.


Several long-distance trucking companies operate in the region.  Many of Canada’s trucking companies have regional or head offices in nearby Winnipeg which provides for a selection of hundreds of for-hire motor carriers.  Some transport companies include; Gardewine, Trans-X, Kindersley Transport, Bison Transport, Paul’s Hauling, RTM Transport, Ushkowski Trucking, Penner International and many local well established trucking firms.  

The major border crossing is located directly south of Winnipeg on PTH #75 at Emerson, Manitoba about 4 hours from the Parkland. Several custom brokers are available at the crossing to help clear goods. About 75% of Manitoba’s road exports to NAFTA partners (United States and Mexico) are routed through Emerson which is the 2nd busiest crossing in Western Canada and the 8th busiest in Canada moving about $14 billion in annual value of trade.

 Distances to Major Centres from Grandview

Canada Distance (km)
Dauphin, MB 46 km
Brandon, MB 211 km
Thompson, MB 725 km
Emerson, MB 446 km
Winnipeg, MB 372 km
Regina, SK 313 km
Yorkton, SK 127 km
Saskatoon, SK 455 km
Calgary, AB 1071 km
Edmonton, AB 979 km
Prince Rupert, BC 2431 km
Vancouver, BC 2049 km
Thunder Bay, ON 1077 km
Toronto, ON 2568 km
Montreal, QC 3098km
Mexico Distance (km)
Monterrey 3,320 km

Air Service


The region is serviced by Perimeter Airlines twice daily (not weekends) between Winnipeg, Brandon and Dauphin for travel within Manitoba.  Passengers can fly early morning and return at the end of day, which works well for most business travelers.  If flying from outside Manitoba, WestJet now provides service from McGill Field in Brandon.  Shuttle service can be arranged between Dauphin and Brandon.

There are four airports located in region.  Barker Airport is serviced by Perimeter Airlines, a modern regional airport located south of the City of Dauphin and capable of landing various aircraft including a military Hercules transport plane and a 737 commercial plane. Roblin Airport’s is not serviced with an airlines but its paved runway meets the needs of private aircraft in the area.

Gilbert Plains and Grandview airports have well maintained grassed runways that are important to the agricultural companies who use them year round. 



The railway is an essential partner for adding value to the regions resources.  The Canadian National Railway (CN) Secondary Mainline runs through the heart of the PARC municipalities with more than 50,000 railcars annually and is known as the Togo route. Surplus rail capacity exists in the region, which will allow CN to provide better service. Existing rail sidings sit idle in the communities of Grandview and Hillsburg.  Additional locations have been identified for new rail service.

CN maintains their transloading facility for Manitoba in Winnipeg so ocean containers can be delivered with their intermodal service.

Passenger service is also available through Via Rail.  The Hudson Bay Route and the Canadian Route provide services through the communities to destinations between in Churchill, Manitoba and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Ocean Port

The PARC region is the heart of shipping to any major Canadian port.

Location Distance (km)
Churchill, MB (Hudson Bay) 1,396 km
Thunder Bay, ON (St. Lawrence Seaway) 1,077 km
Prince Rupert (Pacific Ocean) 2,431 km
Vancouver, BC (Pacific Ocean) 2,049 km
Montreal, QC 3,098 km
New Orleans, LA 3,123 km
Mobile, AL 3,148 km

Service is provided by Omnitrax to the Port of Churchill on the Hudson Bay.  This port is capable of accommodating Panamax (up to 60,000 tonne capacity) class vessels and has been shipping more commodities direct to Europe.  The Hudson Bay Route Association, Centre Port, the Mid-Continental Trade Corridor and the Province of Manitoba are avid supporters of increasing shipping volumes of more commodities through the port.

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