Grandview Main St. Renewal

Please join us for a discussion on the future development of Main Street

      what do you envision for the main street of Grandview?
      what is missing from Grandview?
      what must be preserved of Grandview?
      who will use this facility?
      what other communities have similar projects?
Download the Community Survey here 
Completed surveys may be emailed to or dropped off at the offices of PARC, Community Futures Parkland or the Municipality of Grandview.

Encouraging Growth, Stability and a Vision for the Future

A committee of community leaders has been formed to investigate the feasibility of constructing a new multi-business unit on Main Street in the Town of Grandview.  Committee members include the Kinsmen Club of Grandview, Grandview Credit Union, the Municipality of Grandview and PARC.

The key economic development priority is to identify strategic businesses that are a necessity to the stability and future growth of the community and the surrounding trading area.  If you are interested in learning more about the project please contact (204) 546-2915 or email.

The property selected for this renewal initiative is strategically located on 7 lots in the centre of downtown with 100% traffic exposure to Main Street.  It is proposed as an infill development to satisfy the immediate needs of existing businesses as there is inadequate business accommodations in the community and the surrounding area.

Grandview’s Main Street downtown is clustered mainly into 2 blocks with businesses on both sides and on the adjoining secondary streets.  There is a mixture of businesses including; general merchandise retail, a pharmacy, 2 restaurants, the newspaper, a federal government office, a municipal government office, a bank, a credit union, 3 beauty shops, a florist, a hotel, a senior’s centre, a masseur, a grocery store, a gas station, fitness centre, an auto repair shop and the post office.

Many of the older buildings in the Town of Grandview were constructed in the early 1900’s and other buildings were built in the 1960’s, many of which have outgrown their usefulness or are too costly to repair.  Within the past 10 years, the town’s second grocery store (a Westfair/Loblaw chain) and two restaurants were destroyed by fire.  These structures were not rebuilt and are currently undeveloped lots on Main Street, three of which are part of the block of 7 lots.

The key community priorities include;

  • To create long-term investment in key business services and community technology;
  • To improve the investment readiness;
  • To engage existing businesses and community leaders in the recruitment of new business development;
  • To build capacity to increase the number of jobs in the community; and
  • To inspire a community spirit of renewal, promote entrepreneurship and a vision for the future.

Some of the key business unit priorities include;

  • To provide a modern professional environment for businesses to develop and excel in the community;
  • To evaluate the potential for business clustering and/or a business incubator;
  • To improve the availability of essential goods and services;
  • To provide age accessibility for those struggling with reduced mobility; and
  • Utilize modernize techniques in streetscaping to create character and a sense of place that will bring people into the downtown area.

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