Regional Growth Strategy

Thinking Partnerships, Thinking Regionally, Thinking Long-term 

“Energizing Rural Communities in a Global Marketplace”


The goal of this long-term initiative is to identify what types of industries (i.e. manufacturers and processors) would be interested in developing the regions commodities and resources further. Ultimately attempting to create primary extraction and secondary (manufacturing) industry attraction & development in-turn creating jobs and possible spin-off self-employment options.

The strategy assisted with engaging regional partners and awareness of the collective interest to market resources as a region.  Information collected will assist to promote area’s economic assets as well as the region’s quality of life from a business perspective.

Key Strategy Objectives:

  • identifying regional assets for economic development & business growth;
  • building strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders and potential investors;
  • increasing marketing reach; and
  • generate targeted leads.

Key Strategy Goals:

  • to focus on growing and emerging markets;
  • to be positioned to engage companies to invest in production facilities in the region;
  • to form new kinds of partnerships with suppliers, producers, distributors and innovators located in the region; and
  • to work towards improving the area’s competitiveness and to support local firms as they pursue opportunities in the global marketplace.

By identifying our assets and key competencies, this initiative will also help to boost the region’s engagement in global value chains, encourage processing technology that may increase access to global markets, create a network for our region’s businesses, and increase investment in the region. Contact the office to learn more about what the region has to offer email.


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