Land Development

Land Development

Commercial Leasing & Rental Rates  

(average based on local market indicators)

  • Industrial space is $3 per square foot
  • Office & Retail space is $8 per square foot

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Re/Max of Dauphin

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Planning Districts

Planning districts are intended to promote sustainable development and serve as a guide to the provincial and local authorities undertaking and reviewing land use plans.  The policies provide guidance for the development of individual projects that could have environmental impacts and help to ensure that development in the region and Manitoba is environmental sound.

The creation of District Development Plans and Municipal Zoning By-laws prepares the communities for economic development opportunities as the plans reduces potential conflict for land uses and policies relating to general development, agriculture, renewable resources, water & shoreland, recreational resources, natural features, heritage resources, flooding, erosions, provincial highways and mineral resources.

There are two planning disciplines in the PARC region called Mountainview Planning District and the Lakeshore Planning District.  The creation of planning districts provides policies for development planning and zoning for stewardship and utilization of land based resources.  The planning districts create development standards and requirements that make it easier to facilitate land & water stewardship, respond to intensive livestock operations provide and attracting economic development opportunities to the region.

The Mountainview Planning District was established by Order-in-Council on May 2nd, 2001 comprising of the six communities of Village & RM of Ethelbert, Town & RM of Gilbert Plains and the Town & RM of Grandview, now referred to the Municipality of Ethelbert, the Municipality of Gilbert Plains and the Municipality of Grandview.  Further information about Municipal permits, licenses, zoning and other policies for Mountainview Planning District call the By-Law Enforcement Officer at (204) 638-1466.

The Lakeshore Planning District also includes municipalities to the east along the lakes.  Further information about Municipal permits, licenses, zoning and other policies for the RM of Dauphin call the By-Law Enforcement Officer at (204) 638-1466.

Conservation District

There are a number of local conservation organizations operating in the region; however Intermountain Conservation District is the largest conservation district in Manitoba with approximately 2 million acres.

Some of the local organizations are:

  • Dauphin Lake Advisory Board
  • Duck Mountain conservation Group
  • Northwest Soil Management Association
  • Lake Dauphin Fishery Enhancement Group
  • Grandview Game and Fish
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Intermountain Conservation District

The Intermountain Conservation District was officially established on July 15, 1997.  The Board is composed of representatives from each of the participating municipalities, cooperating to manage the district’s natural resources and solve local resource problems.  Intermountain Conservation District is developing a district management plan to deal with resource problems, concerns and opportunities identified by the Board and the local public, such as riparian area protection and streambank stabilization programs, stream restoration and grassed runway programs, tree planting, forage seed assistance, education and recreational opportunities.

Conservation Districts are Provincial-Municipal partnerships established to promote local cooperative management of natural resources.  For over 25 years, Manitoba’s Conservation Districts, under the direction of the Department of Rural Development, have been practicing and promoting sustainable development at the grassroots level.  Projects and programs implemented by the Conservation District are designed specifically to address the resource issues and concerns of water management, soil management, wildlife and education.

As the Board is interested in developing partnerships that encourage sustainable development of the lands, the group has expressed an interest to work with the communities in identifying suitable land for industrial development.


Parkland Agricultural Resource Co-op, Box 759, Grandview, MB Canada, R0L 0Y0

Phone: 204-546-2915    Fax: 204-546-2909