Dauphin Community Groups

Organization Contact Information
Dauphin Agricultural Society Inc.
Big events: agricultural fair, Challenges of Production, 4-H clubs
Sherry Beyak
Box 459, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2V3
Phone:  (204) 638-4428
Dauphin Plains 4-H Club
Rural youth programs for 8-19 year olds.
Debra Kaleta
27-2nd Avenue SW, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2T9
Phone:  (204) 648.7332
Dauphin Bible Camp
Summer programs for ages 6-17 years from June to August.
Richard Bankert
Box 686, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3B3
Phone:  (204) 638-5568
Dauphin Lake Golf Club
Golfing available to all ages. Big events:  Dauphin Kings Par 3 tournament held in June and Dauphin Home Hardware Mens Championship.
Gary Brandon
Box 393, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-9400
Dauphin Horticultural Society Verna Brook
Box 1056, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2S4
Phone: (204) 638-7270
Dauphin Kings Junior “A” Hockey Club Kirk Dawson
Box 409, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2V3
Dauphin Rail Museum
To preserve and display railway history.
Derm English
The Railway Station, Dauphin, MB  R7N 1G8
Phone:  (204) 638-5495
Dauphin & District Community Foundation
The foundation exists to raise, invest and grant funds through community leadership to enhance quality of life in the community.
Linda Van Buekenhout
Box 6, 100 Main Street, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-4598
Dauphin Fish & Wildlife Association
To support and look after conservation and habitat in the Dauphin area.
Ted Wojtowicz
Box 96, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-9016
Dauphin Snowmobile Club
Big events: Sweetheart Poker Derby & Dance held in February and the Meltdown Poker Derby held in March.  Other family events are planned.
Ron Harvey
Box 701, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3B3
Phone:  (204) 638-5918
Manitoba Genealogical Society – Dauphin Branch
Members of all ages researching family history.
Allan Gray
Box 855, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3J5
Phone: (204) 638-8906
Parkland Humane Society Inc.
Education and leadership for humane treatment, nutrition and health of all animals. Big event:  Paws on Parade held in May.
Box 805, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3B3
Phone:  (204) 648-5854
Parkland Job Opportunity Centre Debbie Hockridge
118 Main Street, Dauphin, MB  R7N 1C2
Phone:  (204) 622-5627
Parkland Region Kidsport Fund
Children’s charity established to overcome financial barriers that limit participation in organized sport.
Pete Conway
27-2nd Avenue SW, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3E5
Phone:  (204) 622-2094
Parkland Regional Library
Events and reading programs available year round.
Glenn Butchart
504 Main Street N, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-6410
Sport Manitoba – Parkland Region
To assist and support community sport organizations to develop sports at a community level.
Pete Conway
27-2nd Avenue SW, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 622-2094
Peter Pan Day Nursery Inc.
Child care available for 3 months to 6+years all year round for day, evening and Saturday’s
Karen Yuriy
165 Kerr Avenue, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3M7
Phone:  (204) 638-8263
Zirka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble Inc.
Providing ages 5 and over an opportunity to learn and practice the Ukrainian culture through music and dance between Sept to May. Big events:  Valentine Ball, competitions and spring recital.
Linda Ryz
Box 293, Dauphin, MB R7N 2V2
Phone:  (204) 638-3777
Dauphin Legion Highland Dance Club
Teaching highland dancing and Scottish culture to ages 3-18 years.
Heather Medwid
Phone:  (204) 638-7192
Canadian Diabetes Association
Diabetes education and support network.  Group holds monthly workshops and educational evenings throughout the year
Catherine Kingsley
118 Main Street North, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-6248
Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival
Largest festival celebrating Ukrainian heritage.  Annual event attracts thousands August long weekend.
Box 368
1550 Main Street South, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2V2
Phone:  (204) 622-4600
Children’s Wish Foundation – Parkland Chapter
Group grants wishes to children with high risk and life threatening illnesses. Big event:  Annual Family Fun Day held in August.
Dauphin Arthritis Support Group
Helping support those with arthritis and their families
Linda Watt
Box 17, Dauphin, MB R7N 2Y9
Phone: (204) 638-81073
Dauphin  Badminton Club
Fun for the whole family.
Richard Bogoslowski
106-7th Avenue SW, Dauphin, MB  R7N 1W8
Phone:  (204) 638-5294
Dauphin Competitive Co-ed Slo-Pitch League Richard Bogoslowski
106-7th Avenue SW, Dauphin, MB  R7N 1W8
Phone:  (204) 638-5294
Dauphin Community Curling Club
Big events:  Annual Men’s and Ladies Curling Bonspiels held for 8 days in March.
Greg Thompson
Box  479, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 622-4507
Dauphin Curling Pharmacy Cash Spiel
Annual bonspiel held in December.
Ray Baker
Box 479, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 622-5370
Dauphin Festival of the Arts
Providing a venue for Parkland youths to show their talents to an audience and receive helpful teaching from the adjudicators.
Heather Medwid
Box 76, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2T9
Phone:  (204) 638-7192
Dauphin Gymnastic Club
Providing Canadian Gymnastics Federation CanGym programs from Kindergarden, recreation and provincial competitions from Sept to June.
Kat  Callen
Box 825, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3B3
Phone:  (204) 655-3549
Dauphin Handgun Club Inc. Theresa Zabiaka
Box 436, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-6972
Dauphin Karate Club
Teaching and practicing traditional Shotokan karate for ages 8 and up.
Zen Bogoslowski
Phone:  (204) 638-6972
Dauphin Junior Rifle Club
Teaching ages 10 and over hunter safety, firearm handling and target shooting in a safe environment from November to May.
Phone:  (204) 638-9191
Pphone:  (204) 638-4002
Dauphin Minor Ball Association
Teaching the skill of baseball to ages 4 – 18 years. Big events:  Annual Tournaments held in July.
Bob Alm
Box 1038, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3L9
Phone:  (204) 638-9062
Dauphin Minor Hockey
Committed to amateur hockey in a sportsmanlike environment for ages 5-17 from Oct – April.
Lorne Orpin
Box 307, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2V2
Phone:  (204) 638-3730
Dauphin Prairie Mountain Fury Ladies Soccer Becky McGregor-Dyck
10 Buchanon Avenue, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2H5
Phone:  (204) 638-3967
Dauphin Rail Museum Derm English
The Railway Station, Dauphin, MB  R7N 1G8
Phone:  (204) 638-5495
Dauphin Rotary Club
Group for 18 year and over. Big event:  Annual events include all you can eat Lobsterfest and Men in Kilts Celtic Festival both held in June.
Scott Whitmore
Box 223, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2V1
Phone:  (204) 638-3335
Dauphin Senior Curling Club
Ages 50 and over social club. Big event:  Annual bonspiel held in March.
Robert Otke
Phone:  (204) 638-8329
Dauphin Skating Club
A certified Skate Canada Professional teaches ages 3 and over basic skating skills from Oct – March. Big events:  Ice Carnival, competitions and Winter Winds Craft Sale.
Joelle Robinson
Phone:  (204) 638-5793
Dauphin & District Allied Arts Council
Providing arts programming to Dauphin and area through classes, workshops, art exhibits and concerts.
Nina Crawford
104 – 1st Ave NW, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-6231
Dauphin & District Community Food Bank Inc.
Non-profit group mobilized to fight hunger, causes and related problems.
Linda Marlin
220 Whitmore Avenue, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-7853
Dauphin Friendship Centre
Providing educational, recreational and social programs to the community.
210-1st Avenue NE Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-5707
Dauphin Soccer Association
Fun soccer for all ages.
Cam Bennet
Phone:  (204) 638-5498
Dauphin School Age Day Care Inc.
Providing quality child care to children age 4-12 before/after school and full days.
Florence Burdeny
Box 884, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3J5
Phone:  (204) 638-8261
Dauphin Youth 5 pin
For ages 5 to 16 between Sept to May. Big events:  Annual events 4 Steps to Stardom, Family Twosome and Buddy Bowl.
Trish Vessey at Parkway Lanes
134 Veterans Drive, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-9966
Lt. Col. Barker VC Air Cadet Squadron #50
Promoting leadership, physical fitness and citizenship for ages 12-18 from Sept to May.
Earl Price
Box 858, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3J5
Phone:  (204) 638-7849
McHarg School of Highland Dance
Dance out opportunities, medal testing, competitions. Season runs September – May.
(204) 728-1780
Girls Inspiring Girls Club (GIG)
Providing workshops, field trips and activities that promote self esteem, resist peer pressure and other negative activities for girls aged 8 and over.
Kat Callen
Box 825, Dauphin, MB  R7N 3B3
Phone:  (204) 638-3549
Girl Guides of Canada – Dauphin District
Movement of girls and women that offers crafts, games, camping, singing, sleepovers and more.  Offers 3 levels for girls ages 5-11.
Tammy Zurba
37-6th Avenue SE, Dauphin, MB  R7N 2C3
Phone:  (204) 638-8276
Healthy Dauphin
Coordinating and promoting healthy activities and programs in the community.
Bill Hart, phone:  (204) 638-5283
Michelle Kaminski
Phone:  (204) 638-4851
2nd Floor 317 Main St N, Dauphin, MB  R7N 1C5
Mini Franglais Preschool
Providing French instruction to ages 3-5 between Sept to June two mornings a week.
Anita Howatt, phone:  (204) 733.2695
Ecole Macneill (mini Franglais room)
PACES Committee & Almost New Store
To support people with disabilities in moving towards competitive employment.
Janice Wood
15-2nd Avenue NW, Dauphin, MB
Phone:  (204) 638-0490
Parkland Gators Swim Club
Competitive swimming program for learning proper swimming techniques for ages 7-17 between October to July for 3-5 days per week.
Peter Doig
17 Tulip Crescent, Dauphin, MB  R7N 1G1
Phone:  (204) 638-3525
Tinker Bell Nursery School
Providing quality care andactivities for preschool children ages 3-5 from Sept to May half days.
Pat Dunnett-Thrall or Cathy Fafard
312 Sandy Street, Dauphin, MB  R7N 0K9
Phone:  (204) 638-5668
Vermillion Archery Club
Providing ages 12 and over techniques in archery.
Mel Zimmer
822 Main Street, Dauphin, MB  R7N 1L9
Phone:  (204) 638-3051
Providing classes to encourage awareness of the body, mind and spirit for ages 5 and over from Sept to June.

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