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The greater Parkland region shares a pure continental climate that has four distinctive seasonal changes.  These seasonal changes sculpt the lifestyle and provide for year round business opportunities and recreational activities to serve thousands of residents and visitors.  Find out what the current weather is at the Weather Network for Grandview, MB.

Average High Temperature January: -12ºC July: +25.3ºC
Average Low Temperature January: -23.4ºC July: +11.9ºC
Average Rainfall 356.9mm or 14.3 inches
Average Snowfall 138.8cm or 69.8 inches
Average Annual Precipitation 192 – 499mm
Frost Free Days 90 to 122 days
Growing degree days (>5ºC) 1,450 to 1,580 days
Effective growing days 1,100 to 1,400 days

The heat accumulation above this base temperature is reported as growing-degree days (GDD).   For cereals and oilseeds this temperature is 5ºC and for corn and sorghum the temperature is 10ºC.  The accumulated heat above the base temperature is added together for the growing season to determine the GDD.

The heavy intensity rainfalls often occur during July and August in association with hot weather.  The Parkland region will tend to be slightly cooler and wetter than in southern Manitoba.  The average number of frost-free days varies in the region from 90-112 days.  The number of frost-free days is particularly reduced in the western areas due to the escarpment or increased elevators of about 700 and 800 metres high around the mountains.  Snowfall is also important as a source of spring soil moisture and as an insulating blanket protecting soil temperatures from extreme and wide temperature fluctuations.

Rural Municipality Mean Annual Temperature Annual Precipitation Frost Free Days Growing Degree Days Moisture Deficit May – Sept Effective Growing Degree Days
Dauphin 1.7 C 492 mm 112 1,580 200 1,100-1,400
Ethelbert 1.4–1.7 C 192–499 mm 109-112 1,486-1,580 200 1,100-1,400
Gilbert Plains 1.2-1.7 C 491-497 mm 90-112 1,491-1,580 200 1,100-1,400
Grandview 0.2 C 476 mm 96-108 1,450-1,500 200-250 1,200-1,300
Hillsburg 0.2 C 476 mm 96-108 1,450-1,500 200-250 1,200-1,300
Shell River 0.2 C 476 mm 96-108 1,450-1,500 200-250 1,200-1,300

Source: Information bulletin from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada titled: Soils Terrain-An Introduction to the Land Resource

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