Grandview Businesses Participate in a Focus Group

The Grandview Main Street Renewal Committee was formed to investigate options to revitalize Main Street by attracting new or encouraging expansion of existing business.

The Committee has been planning how to best proceed with the feasibility plan.  Our current strategy is to meet with the various segments of the community separately in order to create an environment that will allow for the most open flow of communication.  Our thought is just simply that if we have a large open meeting some people may not feel comfortable to share their ideas.

On Tuesday, September 16, the Committee held a round table discussion with the businesses to discuss the opportunities this group sees as potential, viable options for the project.  About 80 businesses and organizations were invited to attend the meeting.  There was a good discussion with several basic business needs identified that the Committee is interested in exploring further.  We plan to hold similar meetings with other segments of our community, specifically with the youth and seniors.

Once these sessions are complete we will be assembling questions for a community survey to provide an opportunity for all members of the community to participate and share ideas.  When the survey results are received, the Committee will be holding a public meeting to discuss the main ideas and to share what we have found out so far.  Please stay tuned, we will provide additional information as it becomes available.

As always Grandview is a fabulous community to live, work and play and we look forward to engaging all members of the community in a thoughtful discussion to encourage jobs, growth and stability of the community.  We are committed to seeing this project through to ultimately have a new building occupied on Main Street that meets the needs of businesses and the community.  Your input is always welcome and appreciated.  Please contact any of the committee members if you would like to share an idea.

Respectfully submitted by the Grandview Main Street Renewal Committee – Pierce Cairns, Cam Dingwall, Flo Branconnier, Vern Nelson, Tom Barnett and Marnie Kostur.