Amazing Agricultural Adventure (AAA)

Children from seven rural schools in the area had an opportunity to learn about the agricultural industry and how their food is produced at the Amazing Agricultural Adventure which was held April 12 in the Roblin curling rink.  Manitoba Agriculture Food & Rural Initiatives, Parkland Agricultural Resource Co-op and Agriculture in the Classroom partnered to bring this exciting event to the area.

Approximately 300 grade three, four, and five students from the area moved through educational stations learning about Manitoba made products, the canola crushing process, how wheat is made into flour, the environment, natural and synthetic fertilizers, functional foods, and how weather influences the agricultural industry.  At each educational station there were a variety of fun, hands-on activities which the children learned from.  Other topics included PTO safety, hemp processing, egg, chicken, sheep and beef production, the importance of soil and water management and so much more!  Each station linked Manitoba’s agriculture industry to the science, health, or social studies curriculum these children learn about every day in the classroom.


When children understand how their food is produced and where it comes from they have a greater appreciation for rural communities, employment opportunities that exist in the area, and the agriculture industry as a whole.

After lunch, two children from each class were selected to participate in a “cookie auction” with auctioneer Joey Chescu of Chescu Auctions.  This portion of the event is designed to help children make the connection between agriculture products like canola oil, eggs and flour and how these products are used in foods we eat on a regular basis.  Following the auction, everyone enjoyed a Subway cookie!

Many industry reps, business owners and organizations were involved in making this day a success!  For that we say – thank you!


Originally published in the Roblin Review April 24, 2012 by

Leanne Tibbatts, a MAFRI  Rural Leadership Specialist